The European Science Foundation (ESF) signed in January 2014 a memorandum of understanding with the NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data to transfer the maintenance and operations of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) to NSD. The ERIH database operated by NSD is called ERIH PLUS.


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41. Przeglad Historyczny

Print ISSN: 0033-2186 
Country of publication: Poland   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: History

42. Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche

Print ISSN: 0035-6514  Electronic ISSN: 2282-457X 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: Italian 
Discipline: Archaeology

43. Revista de Filosofía

Print ISSN: 0034-8244  Electronic ISSN: 1988-284X 
Country of publication: Spain   Language: Spanish 
Open Access: DOAJ
Discipline: Philosophy

44. Przegląd orientalistyczny

Print ISSN: 0033-2283 
Country of publication: Poland   Language: Multiple languages 
Disciplines: Interdisciplinary research in the Humanities, Linguistics

45. Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Nieuwste Geschiedenis / Revue belge d'Histoire contemporaine

Print ISSN: 0035-0869  Electronic ISSN: 2295-3744 
Country of publication: Belgium   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: History

46. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature

Print ISSN: 0035-8991  Electronic ISSN: 2009-0048 
Country of publication: Ireland   Language: English 
Discipline: Art and Art History

47. Salmanticensis

Print ISSN: 0036-3537 
Country of publication: Spain   Language: Spanish 
Discipline: Religious Studies and Theology

48. Pamatky archeologicke

Print ISSN: 0031-0506 
Country of publication: Czech Republic   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Archaeology

49. Revue roumaine de linguistique (Romanian Review of Linguistics)

Print ISSN: 0035-3957 
Country of publication: Romania   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Linguistics

50. Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris

Print ISSN: 0037-8984  Electronic ISSN: 1777-5469 
Country of publication: France   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Anthropology

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