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7571. International journal of therapeutic massage & bodywork

Electronic ISSN: 1916-257X 
Country of publication: Canada   Language: English 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Discipline: Sociology

7572. Diakrisis Yearbook of Theology and Philosophy

Print ISSN: 2601-7261  Electronic ISSN: 2601-7415 
Language: Multiple languages 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Disciplines: Classical Studies, Interdisciplinary research in the Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology

7573. Studia lexicographica

Print ISSN: 1846-6745  Electronic ISSN: 2459-5578 
Country of publication: Croatia   Language: Croatian 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Disciplines: Interdisciplinary research in the Humanities, Interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences, Library and Information Science, Linguistics

7574. Educação em Análise

Electronic ISSN: 2448-0320 
Country of publication: Brazil   Language: Portuguese 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Discipline: Pedagogical & Educational Research

7575. Rocznik Lubuski

Print ISSN: 0485-3083 
Country of publication: Poland   Language: Polish 
Disciplines: Pedagogical & Educational Research, Sociology

7576. Genesis Rivista della Società Italiana delle Storiche

Print ISSN: 1594-9281  Electronic ISSN: 1973-2252 
Language: Italian 
Disciplines: Gender Studies, History

7577. Родной язык

Print ISSN: 2313-5816 
Country of publication: Russia   Language: Russian 
Discipline: Linguistics

7578. Humanidades: revista de la Universidad de Montevideo

Print ISSN: 1510-5024  Electronic ISSN: 2301-1629 
Country of publication: Uruguay   Language: Spanish 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Disciplines: History, Literature, Philosophy

7579. Revista Direitos Humanos Fundamentais

Print ISSN: 2358-9949 
Language: Portuguese 
Discipline: Law

7580. STUDI DESANCTISIANI-Rivista internazionale di letteratura,politica,società

Print ISSN: 2283-933x  Electronic ISSN: 2464-8604 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: Italian 
Disciplines: Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Literature

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