The European Science Foundation (ESF) signed in January 2014 a memorandum of understanding with the NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data to transfer the maintenance and operations of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) to NSD. The ERIH database operated by NSD is called ERIH PLUS.

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6451. Language Testing in Asia

Electronic ISSN: 2229-0443 
Country of publication: Germany   Language: English 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Discipline: Linguistics

6452. Journal of Early Modern Studies

Electronic ISSN: 2279-7149 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: English 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Disciplines: Anthropology, Linguistics, Literature

6453. Quaestio Rossica

Print ISSN: 2311-911X  Electronic ISSN: 2313-6871 
Country of publication: Russia   Language: Russian 
Open Access: Yes
Disciplines: Art and Art History, Cultural Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature

6454. Sociolinguistic Studies

Print ISSN: 1750-8649  Electronic ISSN: 1750-8657 
Country of publication: United Kingdom   Language: English 
Discipline: Linguistics

6455. Philologica Canariensia

Electronic ISSN: 2386-8635 
Country of publication: Spain   Language: Spanish 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Disciplines: Linguistics, Literature

6456. Labour History Review

Print ISSN: 0961-5652  Electronic ISSN: 1745-8188 
Country of publication: United Kingdom   Language: English 
Discipline: History

6457. Pharos Journal of Theology

Print ISSN: 1018-9556  Electronic ISSN: 2414-3324 
Country of publication: South Africa   Language: English 
Open Access: Yes
Discipline: Religious Studies and Theology

6458. Teoria: Rivista di Filosofia

Print ISSN: 1122-1259 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Philosophy

6459. Expressions maghrébines

Print ISSN: 1540-0085 
Country of publication: United States   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Literature

6460. Revista de História da Sociedade e da Cultura

Print ISSN: 1645-2259 
Country of publication: Portugal   Language: Portuguese 
Discipline: History

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