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6611. New Perspectives on Turkey

Print ISSN: 0896-6346  Electronic ISSN: 1305-3299 
Country of publication: United Kingdom   Language: English 
Disciplines: Interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences, Political Sciences and International Relations

6612. Journal for the History of Astronomy

Print ISSN: 0021-8286  Electronic ISSN: 1753-8556 
Country of publication: United Kingdom   Language: English 
Discipline: History & Philosophy of Science

6613. Arkiv. Tidskrift för samhällsanalys

Print ISSN: 2000-6225  Electronic ISSN: 2000-6217 
Country of publication: Sweden   Language: Swedish 
Open Access: Yes
Discipline: Interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences

6614. CHIMERA: Romance Corpora and Linguistic Studies

Electronic ISSN: 2386-2629 
Country of publication: Spain   Language: Multiple languages 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Discipline: Linguistics

6615. Slovanský přehled

Print ISSN: 0037-6922 
Country of publication: Czech Republic   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: History

6616. I Tatti Studies

Print ISSN: 0393-5949  Electronic ISSN: 2037-6731 
Country of publication: United States   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Art and Art History

6617. Almagest: International Journal for the History of Scientific Ideas

Print ISSN: 1792-2593 
Country of publication: Greece   Language: Multiple languages 
Disciplines: History, History & Philosophy of Science

6618. Estudos do Quaternário

Print ISSN: 0874-0801  Electronic ISSN: 2182-8660 
Country of publication: Portugal   Language: Multiple languages 
Open Access: Yes
Disciplines: Archaeology, Environmental Studies

6619. Transnational Environmental Law

Print ISSN: 2047-1025  Electronic ISSN: 2047-1033 
Country of publication: United Kingdom   Language: English 
Discipline: Law

6620. Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series

Print ISSN: 1732-4254  Electronic ISSN: 2083-8298 
Language: English 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Disciplines: Human Geography and Urban Studies, Interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences

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