The European Science Foundation (ESF) signed in January 2014 a memorandum of understanding with the NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data to transfer the maintenance and operations of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) to NSD. The ERIH database operated by NSD is called ERIH PLUS.


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6491. Bulgarian Ethnology

Print ISSN: 1310-5213  Electronic ISSN: 2367-6892 
Country of publication: Bulgaria   Language: Bulgarian 
Disciplines: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, History

6492. Studia Neoaristotelica

Print ISSN: 1214-8407  Electronic ISSN: 1804-6843 
Country of publication: Czech Republic   Language: Czech 
Discipline: Philosophy

6493. Revista Portuguesa de Pedagogia

Print ISSN: 0870-418X  Electronic ISSN: 1647-8614 
Country of publication: Portugal   Language: Portuguese 
Discipline: Pedagogical & Educational Research


Print ISSN: 2217-4958  Electronic ISSN: 2466-5363 
Country of publication: Serbia   Language: Serbian 
Disciplines: Business and Management, Demography, Economics, Film and Theatre Studies, History, Interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Political Sciences and International Relations, Psychology, Sociology

6495. MUSAS. Revista de Investigación en Mujer, Salud y Sociedad

Electronic ISSN: 2385-7005 
Country of publication: Spain   Language: Multiple languages 
Disciplines: Anthropology, Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences, Philosophy, Sociology

6496. Areté, Revista Digital del Doctorado en Educación de la Universidad Central de Venezuela

Electronic ISSN: 2443-4566 
Country of publication: Venezuela   Language: Spanish 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Discipline: Pedagogical & Educational Research

6497. Kartografické listy

Print ISSN: 1336-5274 
Country of publication: Slovakia   Language: Slovak 
Discipline: Science and Technology Studies

6498. Chasqui. Revista Latinoamericana de Comunicación

Print ISSN: 1390-1079  Electronic ISSN: 1390-924X 
Country of publication: Ecuador   Language: Spanish 
Open Access (DOAJ): Yes
Discipline: Media Studies and Communication


Electronic ISSN: 2530-0814 
Country of publication: Spain   Language: Multiple languages 
Open Access: Yes
Discipline: Art and Art History

6500. Ensayos de Economía

Print ISSN: 0121-117X 
Country of publication: Colombia   Language: Spanish 
Discipline: Economics

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