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1. Odrodzenie i Reformacja w Polsce

Print ISSN: 0029-8514 

Discipline: History

2. Acta ecclesiastica sloveniae

Print ISSN: 0351-2789 
Country of publication: Slovenia   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Religious Studies and Theology

3. Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Print ISSN: 1004-9371 
Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Classical Studies

4. Revista de historiografia

Print ISSN: 1850-6550 
Country of publication: Argentina  
Discipline: Classical Studies

5. Cahiers du Centre Gustave Glotz

Print ISSN: 1016-9008  Electronic ISSN: 2117-5624 
Country of publication: France   Language: French 
Disciplines: Classical Studies, History

6. Фізико-математична освіта

Print ISSN: 2413-1571  Electronic ISSN: 2413-158X 
Country of publication: Ukraine   Language: Ukrainian 
Open Access: Yes
Disciplines: Classical Studies, Interdisciplinary research in the Humanities, Pedagogical & Educational Research, Science and Technology Studies, Social Statistics and Informatics

7. Australian Journal of Irish Studies (Ceased 2005, has successor)

Print ISSN: 1444-5409 
Country of publication: Australia   Language: English 
Discipline: Literature

8. Jahrbuch für Regionalgeschichte

Print ISSN: 1860-8248 
Country of publication: Germany   Language: German 
Discipline: History

9. Dzieje Najnowsze

Print ISSN: 0419-8824 
Country of publication: Poland  
Disciplines: History, Political Sciences and International Relations

10. Annali di Architettura

Print ISSN: 1124-7169 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: Italian 
Discipline: Art and Art History

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