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11. Časopis pro moderni filologii
p-ISSN: 0008-7386 
Country of publication: Czech Republic   Language: Czech 
Open Access: DOAJ
Disciplines: Linguistics, Literature
12. Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie
p-ISSN: 0016-0725 
Country of publication: Switzerland   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Philosophy
13. Archaeologia Austriaca
p-ISSN: 0003-8008  e-ISSN: 1816-2959 
Country of publication: Austria   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Archaeology
14. Anales de la Cátedra Francisco Suárez
p-ISSN: 0008-7750 
Country of publication: Spain   Language: Spanish 
Open Access: DOAJ
Discipline: Philosophy
15. Gesnerus: Swiss Journal of the History of Medicine and Sciences
p-ISSN: 0016-9161 
Country of publication: Switzerland   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: History & Philosophy of Science
16. Giornale di Metafisica
p-ISSN: 0017-0372  e-ISSN: 1825-6570 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Philosophy
17. Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift
p-ISSN: 0020-9252  e-ISSN: 2297-5373 
Country of publication: Switzerland   Language: German 
Discipline: Religious Studies and Theology
18. Jezik in slovstvo
p-ISSN: 0021-6933  e-ISSN: 1581-3754 
Country of publication: Slovenia   Language: Slovenian 
Discipline: Linguistics
19. Magyar Pedagógia
p-ISSN: 0025-0260 
Country of publication: Hungary   Language: Multiple languages 
Discipline: Pedagogical & Educational Research
20. IRAQ
p-ISSN: 0021-0889  e-ISSN: 2053-4744 
Country of publication: United Kingdom   Language: English 
Discipline: Archaeology

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