Download current list of ERIH PLUS approved journals

The list is open and free to use, we only ask that you use the official name, ERIH PLUS, when referring to the data source.

The list has two download options. Both options access continuously updated data.

Option 1: Download ERIH PLUS Approved Journals (~20 seconds preparation, ~0.6 MB)
This is the most complete option and is appropriate for most uses, including analysis, statistics and offline lookups. The file can be opened by spreadsheets like Excel or equivalent tools. After download, add formatting and data filter, freeze top row and adjust column widths as desired.
      In case not all titles are displayed properly you can use the following recipe to access the list with proper national characters: 1) Right-click the link to save the file, 2) start spreadsheet program, 3) import file data as text using the following helper settings: a) fixed separator: semi-colon b) file charset: UTF-8 c) Excel needs to know that two columns needs "Text" format; Title and International title.

Option 2: A machine-readable single columned ISSN list (~1 second preparation)
This file, which only contains the ISSN numbers, is easily processed by a machine. It is indended for other journal registries or research information systems to be easily able to regular monitor ERIH PLUS, as it is being kept daily updated. As we would like to track the usage of download option 2, please send us a free license request at If you have a name and an URL for your service, please supply them as well. It is just for our records. Thank you.