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Espacios en Blanco. Revista de Educación

Bibliographic information

International title: Espacios en Blanco. Revista de Educación
p-ISSN: 1515-9485         Period: [1994 .. ]
e-ISSN: 2313-9927         Period: [2010 .. ]
Language: Spanish
Country of publication: Argentina
URL: https://ojs2.fch.unicen.edu.ar/ojs-3.1.0/index[..]
Publisher: Núcleo de Estudios Educacionales y Sociales


Approved 2021-09-15 ERIH PLUS criteria for inclusion
✅ Scientific editorial board
✅ Peer reviewed
ERIH PLUS disciplines: Pedagogical & Educational Research
OECD classifications: Educational Sciences

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