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Privacy Notice

Published 2018-07-01

Privacy Notice for the users of the ERIH PLUS Website ..forwards to..

This privacy notice explains how NSD uses and shares your personal data, and your rights in relation to the personal data you register on the ERIH PLUS web page. NSD is a data controller and processor in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into effect in Norway in 2018.

Your data

When you register to access the ERIH PLUS we will register data for user details. ERIH PLUS register the following types of personal data about you: Your name (title, first and surname) and contact information such as address, email address and institutional address. Your country of domicile and user category (eg. Faculty member, PhD Student, Government official or other) as well as the academic discipline are recorded.

The data can be used in statistics based on the information above. No individual will be identifiable in the statistics. Information about country, academic discipline and institutional connection on an aggregated level, will be interesting in statistics.

(Article 6(1)(a)), Consent is the legal basis of the processing of information.

Your contact details will be deleted when you delete your account, or after being inactive for 5 years.

When there is no ongoing legitimate business with need to process your personal information, ERIH PLUS will either delete or anonymise it. If this is not possible (for example, because your personal information has been stored in backup archives), ERIH PLUS will securely store your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is possible.

Your rights

You have rights to your personal data held by NSD listed by GDPR:

NSD as the host of ERIH PLUS and GDPR: The GDPR became Norwegian law in 2018. Norway is a member of the EEA as well as the Schengen agreement.

Contact details

Should you have any concerns about your personal data by ERIH PLUS please contact NSD:

If you would like to make a complaint, please contact The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA);

For a list of all European Data Protection Supervisors: