Published 30 October 2015

Starting fall 2015 all journals transferred from ERIH to ERIH PLUS will be revised against the ERIH PLUS criteria. The aim of the revision is to ensure that all indexed journals follow the ERIH PLUS standard. During the revision the ERIH PLUS team will collect data about all the journals in order to make this information transparent for the users of the index and too ensure that the information in ERIH PLUS is up to date. In addition to verifying data about the criteria, we will also collect data about language of the publication, country of publication, publisher, open access, whether the publication is national or international, and the website.

All journals transferred from ERIH will regardless of the outcome of the revision still be indexed in ERIH PLUS. The journals will either appear with an updated approval in accordance with the ERIH PLUS criteria or remain approved according to the former ERIH criteria, depending on the findings of the revision. All journals approved in accordance with the ERIH criteria from 2008 or 2011-2012, will with this revision get the opportunity to also be approved in accordance with the ERIH PLUS criteria for inclusion.

Once a journal has been revised an email is sent to the editor of the respective journal. We will use contact information for the journal’s editors (or other relevant personnel) that is found by examining the journal’s website.

The outcome of the revision is not final, and all journals will be given the chance to provide new information that might affect the result of the revision. This can be done by sending the ERIH PLUS team an email with the relevant documentation and/or direct links to the criterion/criteria in question. If information about the criteria only are to be found in the printed version of the journal, issues can be sent to us by email or to our postal address.

All journals undergoing the ERIH PLUS revision are treated in a standardised way. More information about the ERIH PLUS approval procedures can be found here. Please contact the ERIH PLUS team at if you have any questions about the ERIH PLUS revision.