Published 10 May 2017

When ERIH became ERIH PLUS in 2014, all ERIH journals were transferred to ERIH PLUS as approved journals. In 2015, we started the process of revising all journals transferred from ERIH to ERIH PLUS against the ERIH PLUS criteria. The aim of the revision was to ensure that all indexed journals follow the ERIH PLUS standard. In addition, the revision would ensure that the information in ERIH PLUS is up to date.

Since we started the revision process, we have revised almost 5000 ERIH journals against the ERIH PLUS criteria. Until the process is finished, the ERIH journals will still be indexed in ERIH PLUS regardless of the outcome of the revision. Once the revision process is completed, however, all ERIH journals that has been found to not comply with the ERIH PLUS criteria will no longer be listed as approved journals in ERIH PLUS.

The revision process is estimated to be completed this summer.

All journals undergoing the ERIH PLUS revision are treated in a standardised way. More information about the ERIH PLUS approval procedures can be found here. Please contact the ERIH PLUS team at if you have any questions about the ERIH PLUS revision.