Published 2017-09-06

Between 2015 and 2017 all journals transferred from ERIH to ERIH PLUS were revised against the new ERIH PLUS criteria. The aim of the revision was to ensure that all indexed journals follow the ERIH PLUS standard. During the revision the ERIH PLUS team collected data about all the journals in order to make this information transparent for the users of the index and to ensure that the information in ERIH PLUS is up to date. Moreover, we collected data about language of the publication, country of publication, publisher, open access status, and whether the publication is national or international. Furthermore, the ERIH PLUS team evaluated the information available on the journals' websites against the ERIH PLUS criteria. To be included in ERIH PLUS, the journal must meet the following minimum requirements:

After revision of a journal, the ERIH PLUS team has attempted to convey the result of the evaluation to editors, publishers or contact persons. However, the listings of the journals in ERIH have not included contact information, which has made this part of the process difficult in some cases. We wish to extend our apologies if we have not been able to reach you earlier.

The revision process was completed on August 31, 2017. All journals not complying with the ERIH PLUS criteria by this date are no longer indexed. However, the outcome of the revision is not final. ERIH PLUS maintains records of these journals, and they may request a re-evaluation on basis of new documentation indicating compliance with the criteria. Please contact us at if you would like to request a re-evaluation. You will need to provide relevant documentation and/or direct links to the criterion/criteria in question. If information about the criteria is only to be found in the printed version of the journal, issues can be sent to us by email or to our postal address.

All journals undergoing the ERIH PLUS revision have been treated in a standardized way. More information about the ERIH PLUS approval procedures can be found here. Should you require any more information about the ERIH PLUS revision, please do not hesitate to contact us at