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Title Name of publication channel

"Scientific" channels are journals, series and publishers that fulfill specific criteria given by The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR). There are two levels: Ordinary publication channels (level 1) and highly prestigious publication channels (level 2). This classification is used in the Norwegian funding system for higher education.

"Others" are report series, popular science magazines, periodicals and trade papers, as well as newly proposed publication channels that have not yet classified by the UHR Publication Committee. In the list of search results, these are marked with a dash ("–").

Registers are revised annually. The authoritative classification is set at the start of each year and used by the higher education institutions in Norway on reporting published works to NSD.
NPI Scientific Field Filter results according to NPI Scientific Field classification.
ISSN International Standard Serial Number which is used for identifying periodical publications. ISSN hyphen-minus is optional.
Open Access The search for Open Access journals can be narrowed in different ways:
  1. SHERPA/RoMEO: SHERPA/RoMEO classifies journals by colour categories of publishers' guidelines for archiving (eg. green, blue, yellow and white)
  2. DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals evaluates journals by their criteria of inclusion.
  3. UNIT-agreement: UNIT make agreements with publishers on which journals that will supply researchers around the world an open access to the production of norwegian scientists. See the current list of agreements.