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IEEE Access

Bibliographic Information

International Title:

IEEE Access


2169-3536         Period: [2013 .. ]



Country of publication:

United States


Publishing House:

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

ITAR Code:


NPI Scientific Field:

Interdisciplinary Technology


✅ Scientific editorial board
✅ Peer reviewed
✅ International authorship
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Open Access

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Scientific level placements and Norwegian HEIs publication points

Year Scientific Level Author Shares Publication Points
2021 1
2020 1 43.4092 77.9084
2019 1 27.444 48.033
2018 1 14.1528 23.1924
2017 1 7.7417 12.4326
2016 1 3.2083 5.2706
2015 1 0.9 0.9487
2014 1 0.0 0.0
2013 1 1.0 1.0
Published in May the following year


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The impact factor for this journal keep on increasing year by year and is now 3.745 (2019). It is in the open access category with many publications from Norway. There is currently no level 2 journals
in the Multidisciplinary Technology category, so I think it it timely to upgrade this journal now to level 2.
IEEE Access is currently classified under Electronics and cybernetics at NPI. At e.g Clarivate, the journal is under 3 different categories:

Engineering, electrical & electronic
Computer science, information systems

It is true that the journal is multidisciplinary in nature, however, its impact in Computer Science is very important. On the other hand, its editorial approach (Open Access) is also remarkable and is seen as a leader in a promising way to disseminate results.

IEEE Access has increased impact factor to reach 4.098 in Clarivate for 2018 (released by June 2019). We believe this journal, which is open access, will be a top journal in the next 10 years. However, under Electronics and cybernetics at NPI, IEEE Access it is only at level 1.

Our requests regarding this journal are:

1. IEEE Access should be classified under Computer
Engineering and Science at NPI too.

2. IEEE Access should be moved to level 2.
Thank you for the proposal. The ICT Publication Committee has evaluated the proposal based on assessments from independent experts in the respective fields of research. The proposed channel is very broad and interdisciplinary. Therefore it was proposed to move it to the field of Multidisciplinary Technology, which has been approved and carried out. With kind regards, The ICT Publication Committee
Kanalen ligger under fagfelt Elektronikk og kybernetikk og ikke behandles av IKT-PU. Publiseringsutvalg IKT, november 2018
Publiseringskomiteen for Elektronikk & Kybernetikk (Hovland, Hafliger, Imsland, Aunet) har diskutert forslaget om nominering av IEEE Access til nivå 2. Ingen av komitemedlemmene er av den oppfatning
at IEEE Access bør nomineres til nivå 2, for fagfeltet Elektronikk & Kybernetikk. Journalen vurderes ikke som veldig relevant for Elektronikk og Kybernetikk, siden den er
svært bred. Den når feks ikke opp på IEEE sin liste over deres 25 høyest rangerte journaler innen "electronics". Det finnes andre utgivere med meget gode journaler også, så
tatt i betraktning det lille antallet journaler på nivå 2, er det trangt om plassen i det segmentet. Publiseringskomiteen mener ikke at IEEE Access hører hjemme på nivå 2.
Jeg vil gjerne på nytt nominere journalen til Nivå 2.
Noe høyere impact (enn i fjor): 3.557 i 2017 JCR
Scopus CiteScore 4.49, SNIP 1.76

Forslag til journaler som kan legges på nivå 1 pga lav impact:
Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics
Scopus CiteScore 0.97 , SNIP 0.88 (Nivå 1 i DK og SF)
Own: 2017 Impact Factor: 2.048

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
Scopus CiteScore 2.9, SNIP 1.49 (nivå 1 i DK)
JCR IF 2.6
This journal has increased impact factor to reach 3.557 in Clarivate for 2017 ( Released by June 2018). I believe this journal, that is open access, will be a top journal in the next 10 years and is just considered LEVEL 1 in the Norwegian system. It is also true that the journal is multidisciplinary in its nature, however, its impact in Computer Science is very important. On the other hand, its editorial approach is also remarkable and is seen as a leader in a promising way to disseminate results.
Denne journalen har Impact Factor på 3.2 og bør derfor oppgraderes til Nivå 2, se

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