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Foundations of Physics

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Foundations of Physics


0015-9018         Period: [1970 .. ]


1572-9516         Period: [2002 .. ]



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Philosophy and History of Ideas


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Comparing the current reputation of this Journal in the field and the selectivity of its reviewing process with the status of some philosophy journals that are ranked as level 2, I would think that it would be adequate to rank it as level 2 as well. It is, next to Studies in history and philosophy of modern physics, the most important journal in the philosophy of physics. Publications in the journal are clearly acknowledged as first rank publications in the field. (The journal did have problems in the past, but it has become a first rank journal under the editorships of Gerard 't Hooft and Carlo Rovelli.)
An International Journal Devoted to the Conceptual Bases and Fundamental Theories of Modern Physics. Recommended level 2
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