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المجلة الدولية للأداء الإقتصادي

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المجلة الدولية للأداء الإقتصادي

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International Journal of Economic Performance


2661-7161         Period: [2018 .. ]


2716-9073         Period: [2020 .. ]


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Boumerdes University

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2021 1
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you indicated that my journal is not indexed in the sherpa romeo database according to a verification by your team on 08/28/2021.
So my journal has been indexed since July 2021. Please check with the following url:

1) European academics who contributed to the journal:

1.1.Author: Laurence Buzenot
Affiliation: University of Reunion ( France)
URL of the article in our journal website:

1.2.Author: Samah EL-CHEIKH
Affiliation: Université Côte d'Azur- Nice. (France)
URL of the article in our journal website:

2) The European database or our journal is indexed:

The Mirabel network: Created in France in 2009 by library and documentation professionals, Mir @ bel aims to promote the content of scientific periodicals accessible online. A living, evolving project, combining shared document monitoring and automatic recovery at source, Mir @ bel allows professionals to control the quality of data provided in journals. This corpus of journals is also evolving, just like the network, whose topicality is important.

3) Peer reviewed:

I draw your attention that the decision of your expert which disadvantages me to be included in ERIP PLUS is not founded, because in the web page of our journal there is a document entitled " author Guide " or it has been explained for the authors that the evaluation process guarantees by independent peers outside the author’s institution. see No. 06 "Author guide "

"6- Two specialized experts are appointed outside the university the author belongs to. If the evaluation is positive, the article is published; if not it is rejected. If the evaluations are contradictory (one positive, the other negative) a third expert is appointed in order to decide. In case some corrections are demanded, the author has one month to make them.
Afterwards, they will be validated by the expert who asked for those corrections before the article receives a final decision for publication."

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