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Cell Systems

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Cell Systems


2405-4712         Period: [2015 .. ]


2405-4720         Period: [2015 .. ]



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2021 1
2020 1 0.0 0.0
2019 1 0.1444 0.9288
2018 1 0.038 0.4088
2017 1 0.0 0.0
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I would like to suggest a reevaluation of this journal's level. It is considered a (the?) top journal for systems biology and is very good for computational biology, bioinformatics and other related topics. It seems incongruous to have PLoS Computational Biology, for example, at level 2 and Cell Systems at level 1. Most bibliometric and anecdotal comparisons would place CS higher.
Cell Systems is considered one of the top publishing venues for the broad field of systems biology, being also an important publishing option for οτηερ related fields, like bioinformatics, omics etc. Its impact indicators are quite high and it is a Q1 journal for the aforementioned fields. Its editorial board consists of scientists of high calibre and it supports transparent peer review processes in order to ensure the publication of high quality manuscript. For these reasons, I would like to recommend the upgrade of Cell Systems to level 2.

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