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Use this page to search for authorised publication channels. If you cannot find specific journals, series or publishers, you may suggest additions.  The deadline for submissions of new publication channels for approval for the current year is 30th November.  See criteria for inclusion.


Hvordan finner jeg ut om en publiseringskanal oppfyller kriteriene til Plan S og samtidig er godkjent og utløser publiseringspoeng i Norge?

  1. Søk i Kanalregisteret og se om din foretrukne publiseringskanal er på nivå 1 eller nivå 2.
  2. Søk deretter i Journal Checker Tool ( for å se om kanalen oppfyller kriteriene til Plan S. Ved bruk av dette verktøyet legger du inn følgende informasjon:
    • Tidsskriftets navn eller ISSN (her har du først sjekket at tidsskriftet er på nivå 1 eller nivå 2 i Kanalregisteret).
    • Legg inn navn på finansiør (kravene i Plan S gjelder for et utvalg forskningsfinansiører).
    • Legg inn navn på din institusjon du er tilknyttet og som du også fører opp i publikasjonen.


Approved and Open Access

2021-03-11: In a shifting publishing industry it is a challenge to keep up with which journals are both financial rewarding to Norwegian institutions and at the same time fulfill the demand for open access.

We wish to make it easy for you to identify these journals.

Read our guide to Open Access journals in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.

New Statistical Tool

2021-02-16: We are pleased to announce the new statistical tool for the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers. The tool, which you find in the menu to the left, will give you both journal statistics, publisher statistics and account statistics.

Examples of information you can find by using the tool are:

The statistics are for now not giving information on daily visits to the list, only on the amount of accounts created yearly or in total.

New checker tool

23 Nov 2020: cOAlition S are launching a journal checker tool. This tool will support researchers who receive funding from cOAlition S members to identify publishing venues (journals or platforms) that enable compliance with Plan S. The tool is funded by the European Science Foundation. JCT enables researchers to check whether they can comply with their funders Plan S aligned OA policy based on the journal, the funder and the institution affiliated with the research to be published. Read more.

Open Access and Norwegian License Agreements with Publishers

3 April 2020: Register for scientific journals, series and publishers tags journals with UNIT icon when the journal is part of a norwegian licence agreement with the publisher. UNIT negotiates the deals on behalf of the research institutions. Read more. NSD also tags journals with Open Access with clickable icons for DOAJ and Sherpa Romeo which leads you to their sites.

Nordic List

14 May 2019: An update on the Nordic List. Read more.


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