Call for submissions to ERIH PLUS

Av Thor Hovden. Publisert 11.07.14.

Bergen, 9 July 2014

We are happy to announce that ERIH PLUS is now ready to receive submissions for the inclusion of journals.

ERIH PLUS is a new reference index for scientific journals in the humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to enhance the global visibility of high-quality research in the humanities and social sciences across Europe and to facilitate access to research journals published in all European languages. The ERIH PLUS index encompasses the original ERIH lists, which initially only covered humanities disciplines. The new reference index is called ERIH PLUS, in order to indicate that the list has been extended to also include social science disciplines.

To be included, a scientific journal must meet the benchmark standards described here.

To submit new journals for inclusion in ERIH PLUS, please go here.

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